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Oregon Certified Home Inspector

What You Can Expect From Applegate Inspections LLC


As an engineer, I take a structured approach with great attention to detail.  I am highly organized and efficient.  Additionally, I have a thorough understanding of how systems are designed and intended to function.  My experience with construction and familiarity with the coastal region provide insight into the wide array of issues coastal homes face.

Customer Service

I strive to maintain open lines of communication to remain easily reachable before, during and after inspections.  You will receive punctual and reliable service with respect for you, your time, your property and your investment. I eagerly promote friendly and positive interactions.


My intention is to surpass your expectations.  I offer fair pricing and quality service.  My reports are compiled using advanced software to produce a polished, comprehensive document.  I guarantee delivery of the written report within 24 hours, and often times it is available immediately after the inspection.  I cooperate and accommodate to meet the needs of my clients and their team.  My inspections are non-intrusive and I take care in leaving a property better than I found it.​  


The final report you receive will provide a clear and complete compilation of your home's systems, components, structure, and condition as is assessable by non-distructive analysis.  You can rest assured that you're well informed and knowledgable about potential issues.  While inspections are completed in a timely fashion, I dedicate myself to only one client per day, so there is not chance of missing an important detail due to a rushed schedule.


As the owner, operator, originator and sole member of Applegate Inspections llc, this business profile is best illustrated by sharing a bit of my backstory.


After growing up on the Oregon coast, I began a career in construction early on. I worked my way through all facets of home building and eventually became a general contractor and started my own construction company.  I kept the company small and local, focusing on residential repairs, remodels and upgrades in Lincoln County.  I performed nearly all the work myself, gaining great experience and insight into building technologies and performance issues, both common and unique to homes in our coastal environment.  During the slow seasons, I pursued my engineering degree from OSU.  Upon completion of my Bachelors of Science, I was appointed to a position of Capital Construction Project Manager and Efficiency Engineer for OSU, which I still hold today.  

What motivated me to get involved in the home inspection business was an entrepreneurial drive.  I've set the goal of building a company that utilizes the best parts of my experience, training, education, skills and personality to provide a superior service and cultivate a reputation second to none.  I take great pride in what I deliver and how I deliver it.  My business model is simply to provide my customers with a quality of service that they will appreciate and recommend highly to others. 

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